Gracious K – raw emotions

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski was very gracious in complimenting UNC’s performance in their win on Saturday. Krzyzewski spoke of the preparedness of the UNC team, defense, Armando Bacot, and Carolina’s overall play throughout the game. Outside of the comments about his team’s performance and outcome being “unacceptable,” Krzyzewski was composed throughout the emotional postgame ceremony. Like Duke fans, he wanted to win this one. Badly! His hail to the crowd to be quiet while he made the impromptu “unacceptable” comments, followed by the touching acknowledgment of his family, then the gracious post-game press conference gave a glimpse of all of the characters known as Coach K. Unyielding competitor, loving family man, and world class public relations expert. Krzyzewski can make you dislike him for his comments one minute, then admire him for his passion for Duke and show of love and emotions for his wife and family a few minutes later.