Just a ranking

AP and UPI were the names that we looked to for college football rankings before ESPN offered 24-hour sports programming.  The Associated Press first published college football rankings in 1936.  United Press International (Originally United Press) started with a weekly poll in 1950.  The AP Top 25 is most recognizable, while the UPI poll has been had multiple brands including:  USA Today/CNN, USA Today/ESPN, USA Today, and Amway.  The AP and coaches polls do not always agree, so I expect you might disagree with my “After They Played Rankings” for Sunday October 17, 2021.  This week, let’s take a look at the top 10 undefeated teams:

  1. Georgia
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Michigan St.
  4. Cincinnati
  5. Oklahoma St
  6. Michigan
  7. Coastal Carolina
  8. Wake Forest
  9. SMU
  10. San Diego St  
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Question and answer

Question:  “Why do we go to a buffet that only serves common sense and expect a NBA player, that once said he believed the Earth is flat, to understand the impact of losing $380,000 every time that he misses a game for being unvaccinated?”

Answer:  “Ignorance is served exclusively to those who can’t appreciate their fortune.” – Gary Brown

“Now you see that you can put a price on “stupid.” – Demetrius Booker

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Shiny new objects

Most people like shiny new things.  Jewelry, cars, toys, and for college football fans:  New faces!  Why boo your own team of college students?  Make a mistake, put in the new guy.  Win, but don’t score a lot of points, put in the new guy!  This is insane!  College football fans seemingly know little about the relationships that coaches have to build with players, or the relationships that players build with each other to better the team.  Coaches have to be careful not to create a “shiny new objects” reputation.  Fans don’t understand that, but players do.  Yes, every player should think he is the best, and should be in the game.  Players should also be confident that, after dedicating themselves to a program and having success; they are not going to be passed over for the next highly ranked player for making a mistake.  That would just confirm our fascination with shiny new objects. 

Shiny things…

When it’s deserved…

ECU critics:  Time to admit it!  Like many who follow the Pirates, I have expressed concerns about offensive play-calling, on-field decision-making, and the team, overall, not showing the expected progress on game day.  When this ECU football team was playing in an emotion-filled stadium at Marshall, behind by double-digits, and managed to play themselves into a win, a bit of cautious optimism was created.  Falling behind by 14 to Charleston Southern left room for doubt to slide in, but East Carolina took control and dominated the middle of the game before giving the home crowd a scare, then winning by three.  Saturday’s homecoming match with Tulane may have been the most complete game that ECU has played in the last three years.  While play-calling was still concerning at times, the offense was much more dynamic and unpredictable.  While the defense gave some, they pushed more and set the tone!  Simply, the team looked prepared, and played a determined, aggressive style of offense and defense.  They earned it on the field again this week.  Three in a row!  When it’s deserved, give the praise! 

Team provoked smile! October 2, 2021