More than talent

UNC 102 – College of Charleston 86

Just waiting…

#1 North Carolina spent much of the first half of their second game of the season waiting for something to happen. Poor rebounding, a lack of aggression, and poor defense left the Tar Heels behind by 7 points at half-time. UNC seemed disinterested in playing on a Friday night. Charleston took full advantage of the Tar Heels’ lackadaisical play. That all ended after the first-half buzzer. North Carolina imposed their will in the second half with improved defense and more aggression on offense, but the box score proves there’s still work to be done. The Tar Heels simply coasted too much in the first half. Perhaps a few clips from the Saw or Escape Room movies at halftime helped the team realize that they are going to get chased and pushed all year. It will take more than talent to get to Houston. The second half against Charleston may have given us a promising glimpse of UNC’s potential.

Key stats:

  1. UNC was out-rebounded again. The most glaring part is Charleston grabbing 15 offensive rebounds. UNC only pulled 8 offensive rebounds.
  2. The Tar Heels scored 102 points, but were only 5-20 on 3-pointers. Reader’s choice on whether this is good or concerning.
  3. Free-throw: 71% on 27-38 shooting, but 9-15 in the first half. Charleston was 66.7%, on 6-9 shooting.
  4. Charleston took and made more field goals. 36-73. UNC 35-58.
  5. Second-half shooting: UNC 71.4% Charleston 45.5% after shooting 52.5% in the first half. Charleston also went 6-14 on three’s in the first half, but only 2-10 in the second.