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NBA Draft 2018 – Top 10 picks

Nine picks passed before it seemed the draft was on.  Now, who does Philadelphia move to make room for Mikal Bridges?  Phoenix did the obvious in taking DeAndre Ayton at #1, leaving Marvin Bagley III available at #2.  From there, Atlanta possibly gave up one of the best players available in a trade with Dallas, swapping #3 Luca Doncic for undersized Trae Young, taken at #5 by Dallas in a pre-arranged move.  There may be little to dispute with Memphis taking Jaren Jackson Jr. at #4 or Orlando taking Mohamed Bamba at #6, and Chicago may get the expected value from Wendell Carter Jr. at #7.  Meanwhile, the jury is still out on #8 Cleveland pick Collin Sexton, with some head scratching at New York taking Kevin Knox at #9.


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