Aaron being Aaron

Answer:  He selfishly put his own health, teammates, team goals, and opponents in danger. 

Question:  Who is Aaron Rodgers?

Just like the popular game show, the NFL has the question and answer reversed.  When it comes to Covid-19 protocols, this confusion should be eliminated.  If the NFL has considered Aaron Rodgers unvaccinated all season as reported, then we should expect an explanation as to why one of the league’s high profile players has been allowed to attend practices, team interactions, games, and press conferences as if he is fully vaccinated?  The NFL already has rules to prevent taunting.  Perhaps the league should consider broadening the rules, and apply a retroactive penalty for Rodgers.  He is clearly getting away with taunting by openly challenging league safety mandates; then tap dancing around the truth.  Even worse, team and league officials have been standing by, watching it happen.  Anything less than a 2-game suspension for Rodgers, and team punishment for not following safety protocols is unacceptable. This cannot be written off as Aaron being Aaron.