A few weeks back I wrote: “Coaches have to be careful not to create a “shiny new objects” reputation.  Fans don’t understand that, but players do… Players should also be confident that, after dedicating themselves to a program and having success; they are not going to be passed over for the next highly ranked player for making a mistake.  That would just confirm our fascination with shiny new objects.” Inserting Schools or Athletic Directors for Coaches, and Coaches for Players, then change a few thoughts around, and you might get a picture that details something close to the annual hiring and firing of college football coaches. Football coach Lincoln Riley leaving the University of Oklahoma for the University of Southern California may be the most surprising coaching change in recent years. We may never know the real reason Riley decided to leave the comforts of Oklahoma for the bright lights of Southern California, but let’s have some fun speculating:

  • 1 – He got tired of Bob Stoops snooping around.
  • 2 – Finding out about Oklahoma’s move to the SEC when we did hurt so bad.
  • 3 – Entitled fans with signs demanding who to play at quarterback was irritating.
  • 4 – Not pulling Caleb Williams, when he became average, for Spencer Rattler was a mistake that he didn’t want to answer to.
  • 5 – He thought Oklahoma Crimson and USC Cardinal was the same color.
  • 6 – The food in Norman was getting boring.
  • 7 – Money? What money?
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