It’s how you lose that matters

When a team is scheduled 25-30 games, expect a few losses. Halfway through the season, every major Division I Basketball team has at least two losses. Local teams from Chapel Hill and Durham wearing blue took losses tonight. The difference in team colors seems to parallel the difference in the way each team played. While a more mature team wearing light blue got blown out again after playing their best game of the year, the freshman laden team wearing dark blue lost by one point in overtime. Here goes that thing again about a coach “shouldn’t have to coach effort.” But a coach and team have to have a competent game plan, and a competent backup plan. If a coach isn’t going to coach effort on the court, he needs to put the right combination of players on the court that will get each other moving. Captains, maybe? Draw your own conclusions. The box score will show a loss for both teams, but it’s how a team loses that matters.