Losing this way

North Carolina downed 77-65 at Indiana

Losing to undefeated Indiana on their home court shouldn’t normally be treated as if it’s the end of all hopes for the season. Instead, Hubert Davis and North Carolina have to treat this loss as the start of their season. Little more explanation is needed. The UNC team, with five experienced starters, simply looks unprepared to compete at a high level. I have to be even on praise and criticism. Starting at the top! Is the team unprepared or just incapable of working as a unit for more than a few plays each game? This should not be. Not with junior and senior starters that played in the championship game a few months ago. Where is the leadership on the floor? Where are the coaching adjustments? There is little need to drudge through the box score to discuss all that could have been. As bad as things seemed for UNC, much of the game was played with Indiana just a few points ahead. It’s time for UNC to recognize that a game plan is needed to win. Now is the time to get a new game plan in place. Get to practice and let the next game be a fresh start to the rest of the season.